Prepare your stay in Sarlat, Capital of Périgord Noir: Between the jewels of the Dordogne and Vézère valleys

February 05 2024
Marché couvert sarlat

Sarlat, a true gem of the Périgord Noir, proudly stands in the heart of this region, rich in history, heritage, and flavors. As the capital of the Périgord Noir, Sarlat offers a unique experience, especially due to its strategic position between two emblematic valleys: the Dordogne Valley, adorned with its thousand and one castles from the medieval and Renaissance periods, and the Vézère Valley, known as the Valley of Man for its fascinating prehistoric remains.

1. Choosing the Ideal Time to Visit

Sarlat, the cradle of the Périgord Noir, shines in every season. Whether you're drawn to the lively spring markets, summer festivals, autumnal colors, or winter serenity, the city has something to offer year-round. Consider your personal preferences and local events to choose the ideal time for your visit.

2. Planning Your Itinerary

Sarlat, in addition to its charms, is surrounded by two exceptional valleys. Plan your itinerary to include the treasures of the Dordogne Valley, with its medieval and Renaissance castles, and the Vézère Valley, rich in prehistoric remains. Don't miss the Lascaux caves, the castles of Beynac and Commarque, and the unique troglodyte sites.

3. Discovering Local Gastronomy

As the capital of the Périgord Noir, Sarlat is a premier gastronomic destination. Enjoy the culinary richness by tasting truffles, foie gras, confits, and local wines. Make reservations at renowned restaurants to savor the authenticity of regional products.

4. Choosing Unique Accommodation

Sarlat offers a variety of accommodations, but for an exceptional experience, choose the Sarlovèze apartment by Stay in Sarlat. Nestled in the heart of the medieval city, this apartment combines historical charm with modern comfort. Book directly on to ensure availability and enjoy exclusive benefits. To secure your stay at the Sarlovèze apartment, opt for simplicity and safety by booking directly on the official Stay in Sarlat website, Benefit from detailed information, competitive rates, and a smooth booking experience to ensure the success of your getaway.

5. Familiarizing Yourself with Local Activities

Before your departure, explore local events and activities. Attend lively markets, cultural festivals, and guided tours to immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Sarlat and the Périgord Noir.

To help you plan your future trip, here are links to the region's tourist offices:


Preparing your stay in Sarlat, the Capital of the Périgord Noir, promises adventure and unforgettable discoveries. If you prefer to improvise without much planning, let yourself be carried away by the charming atmosphere of the town, explore the medieval streets, and discover hidden treasures at your own pace. Choose exceptional accommodation like the Sarlovèze apartment by Stay in Sarlat, and book directly on for an authentic experience in the heart of the Dordogne.

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