New: Air Conditioning Installation

April 18 2024

Welcome to Sarlat La Canéda, where every cobbled street echoes with the ancient history of the Périgord. If you're seeking a haven of comfort in the heart of this medieval city, we have some exciting news for you: we've installed a reversible air conditioning system in our Sarlovèze apartment. Buckle up, because comfort is about to reach new heights.

Air Conditioning in the Sarlovèze Apartment

When we decided to install air conditioning in our Sarlovèze apartment, we had several criteria in mind. First and foremost, we wanted an eco-friendly system that respects our beautiful planet. Well, you'll be delighted to know that our air conditioning system meets these requirements. For every kilowatt-hour of electricity consumed, the heat pump proudly returns 3 to 4 kWh of heat, thanks to its impressive performance coefficient. So, not only do you enjoy optimal comfort, but you do so with a clear conscience, knowing you're helping to preserve our environment.

Authenticity and Modern Comfort

In Sarlat, every stone tells a story, and our Sarlovèze apartment is no exception. We made sure that the air conditioning installation did not compromise the authenticity of this historic place. Imagine being gently caressed by a cool breeze in the summer, or enveloped in comforting warmth on autumn evenings, all while remaining immersed in the medieval atmosphere that characterizes our apartment. With the reversible air conditioning, we've perfectly blended the charm of the past with modern comfort.

Maintaining the Character and Aesthetic of the Apartment

When you enter the Sarlovèze apartment, it's as if you're stepping across the threshold of time itself. We understand the importance of preserving this unique atmosphere, which is why we chose a discreet and elegant air conditioning system. It blends harmoniously into the decor, thus preserving the authentic aesthetic of our accommodation. You can fully enjoy your stay without technology disrupting the harmony of this enchanting place.

In conclusion, the installation of air conditioning in our Sarlovèze apartment represents a true commitment to comfort and well-being. You can relax and fully enjoy your stay in Sarlat, in any season, while contributing to the preservation of our environment.

A Unique Accommodation in the Heart of Sarlat

Your quest for unique lodging in Sarlat has led you to us, and we are honored. At Stay In Sarlat, we are proud to offer you much more than just accommodation. With our Sarlovèze apartment, you dive into the history of Sarlat while benefiting from modern comfort. Look no further; your oasis of tranquility awaits you with Stay In Sarlat and its Sarlovèze apartment.

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